Lobstar #2154, 2022

The Lobstar Project


The Lobstars is a collection of 7777 lobster portraits by British contemporary artist, Philip Colbert, often referred to as ‘the godson of Andy Warhol’. He and his lobster character are world renowned and have exhibited in galleries across the globe. Colbert has collaborated with luxury brands such as Bentley Motors, Rolex, MontBlanc, Christian Louboutin, COMME des GARÇONS and Adidas. Each Lobstar token will come complete with a passport ID for Lobsteropolis. The Lobstars will fund research on the Lobster species, support 1 Lobster released in the wild per NFT minted, develop Lobster Robotics with the UCL Robotics lab, and continue to collaborate with other incredible brands and NFT projects, as well activate his beautiful Lobster artwork in more physical and digital spaces.

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